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Top-ranked golf cart manufacturer, ICON EV coming to Pinehurst

By Stephanie Meador, posted Sep 23, 2022 on

Photo provided by ICON EV

C.F. Smith Property Group announced that they are excited to welcome a new ICON EV storefront to the Pinecroft Center in Pinehurst, NC. 

Founded in 2017, ICON EV quickly became one of the top-ranked, fastest-growing golf cart manufacturers by offering quality products at affordable prices. 

ICON EV reached out to economic development group Partners in Progress looking for a suitable retail location. Executive Director of Partners in Progress Natalie Hawkins presented them with some options. ICON EV’s leadership came up from Florida to look at spots in the area where Hawkins helped them look into demographic info and informed them of details such as where the majority of housing was concentrated in Moore county. 

Hawkins shared that they were looking for high visibility locations and shopping centers in particular. Once they’d narrowed it down to two options, Hawkins put them in touch with the brokers and the ICON EV negotiated leases with the property owner. 

The thing that differentiates them from other golf cart manufacturers, is that ICON EV’s carts are licensed vehicles by the state of North Carolina, and they are street legal. The carts have everything a regular car does such as seat belts, windshield wipers, turn signals, and license plates, but are modeled as golf carts. 

There’s no such outlet for an electric vehicle of that type in Moore county now, so this’ll be the first. “…I think they're going to be particularly well situated to be successful,” commented Hawkins.

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