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Soldiers to Agriculture prepares for their second session

By Stephanie Meador, posted Jan 16, 2023 on

Photo courtesy of NC Cooperative Extension

Cumberland County Cooperative Extension announced that the second session of the Soldiers to Agriculture program will be held Jan. 17 through Feb. 17. The training will be held at Cumberland County Cooperative Extension, located at 301 E. Mountain Dr., Fayetteville, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday with Friday classes conducted virtually. 

The ive-week program is free to enroll in, and is open to soldiers and spouses of soldiers within 180 days of separation or retirement from military service. Veterans are also welcome. The program offers an in-depth introduction to varied careers in agriculture. Participants will receive hands-on training in and outside of the classroom. 

They are expecting about 11 participants for this second session with a mix of active duty service members, members transitioning out, and Veterans. 

“Our goal that we really want people to understand is that there are many different opportunities within agriculture where they can be successful. But also, that it is really good even if they just want to learn how to do agriculture for themselves, have their own garden or have some of their own animals or chickens and how good it is for your mental state and relaxing and that it can be beneficial on many different levels,” shared Cooperative Extension Agent Liz Joseph. 

Topics will include starting a small business, general agribusiness and agricultural law, Educational components covered include soils, forestry, livestock production, aquaculture, horticulture, turf, composting, landscaping, beekeeping, rows and more.

“One thing that I’ve heard is a draw when it comes to people who are in the military transitioning into agriculture, is that they still feel like they’re serving a purpose for bettering the community that they’re in,” added Joseph.  

Additional sessions are scheduled from April 17 to May 19, and then July 31 to Aug. 31. 

Registration is closed for the second session, but for additional information or to register for one of the future sessions, contact Liz Joseph, Extension agent, at 914-489-5330, 910-321-6862, or via email at:

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