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Rich in relationships: The Future Rich Aunties Business Conference cultivates a supportive environment where women can learn to build wealth and their network

By Stephanie Meador, posted Apr 11, 2024 on

Guest speakers from last year's gala (left to right): Camy Kennedy, Sylvia S. Glanton, Charlene Richardson, Taylor Bradley. Charlene will be joining Sylvia again this year as a guest speaker. Photo provided by the Future Rich Aunties, captured by Jamela A. Carter (Mela Jay Photography)

While Women’s History Month may have come to a close, events like The Future Rich Aunties Business Conference are ensuring the community keeps that momentum going when it comes to women in business.
Serial entrepreneur and business coach Sylvia S. Glanton is the founder of The Future Rich Aunties (FRA), an organization dedicated to empowering women on their personal and professional journeys. 

The Future Rich Aunties Business Conference is coming up on April 11-13. This three day event combines business coaching, entrepreneurship, culture and entertainment in a business shower setting.“I think of a big business conference where you may go to Atlanta or you may go to Charlotte. I wanted to bring that feel here in Fayetteville,” remarked Glanton. 
By bringing an event like this to Fayetteville, Glanton hopes to put Fayetteville on the map as a destination for entrepreneurs and aspiring women business owners. 
“I would say that my overall goal is, one, to attract more people to Fayetteville, because I know one of the biggest things that we look at is tourism and how can we increase that number? And I figured that if I continue to do The Future Rich Aunties Business Conference that over the years it will be one of those things where people will actually come into town and patronize Fayetteville off the strength of being exposed through The Future Rich Aunties Business Conference,” shared Glanton. 
Each year The Future Rich Aunties continues to expand their reach. In just a few years the vision has grown from a one day event to a three day event with VIP tickets added. 
“Our three pillars are innovation, technology and operation, and the reason why we select those three pillars is because we know that that's the driving force behind businesses, not just on a small scale thinking of being a small business forever, we want our audience to evolve into businesses that have employees, businesses that have teams and businesses that work with other businesses to create more business to business relationships,” shared Glanton. 
The event kicks off Thursday, April 11 with a meet and greet session at The Sip Room downtown. This initial gathering will serve as an opportunity for guests to network with one another and learn how to get the most out of the conference. 

On Friday, April 12, attendees will start their day at the woman-owned gym I-F.I.T. for the FRA Fit Challenge. This will be followed by an opening ceremony at Blissful Alchemists and then a series of expert led sessions focusing on different topics pertaining to business. These informational sessions cover topics such as government contracting, investing in real estate, marketing and content creation and other business essentials.

“That’s what our event is all about is actionable tasks that they [the attendees] can do to improve their working relationships and how they do business,” stated Glanton.
Once things wrap up at 4:30 p.m., general admission ticket holders will head out for the day while VIP ticket holders prepare for a restful night complete with massages, facials, hors d’oeuvres and good company as they unwind. 
The conference will conclude Saturday, April 13 with a vendor marketplace, business awards and a fashion show incorporating pieces from local boutiques. 

“It’s not just about business, it’s really about building those relationships that kind of help propel you forward, whether that’s in business or life and just being able to be around like minded individuals,” said Glanton.
Just as they’ve done so far, The Future Rich Aunties will continue to grow going forward.  

“I’m trying to get everybody on board now because five years from now it’s going to be huge,” remarked Glanton. 
Glanton shared some of the long term goals for the organization. 

“[The] long term goal is to create more of a nonprofit leg of it…with the proceeds that we begin to establish from this event, I would like to create a fund that pours back into the community, like being able to offer them grants throughout the year, whether that’s $1,000 or $5,000. We want to be able to create a pool where they will be able to apply for that grant and receive it and then also we want to establish the Junior Future Rich Aunties community for younger girls and take them through the course of having that guidance and also understanding the importance of having your own money,” shared Glanton. 

Partnerships are an essential part of doing business.
“With us doing the three days, we partnered with way more businesses than we ever have partnered with in the past,” stated Glanton. 
Glanton expressed her appreciation to the partners, sponsors and vendors involved in the Future Rich Aunties Business Conference this year, all of whom help make the event possible.


To learn more about The Future Rich Aunties Business Conference and to purchase tickets, visit

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