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2021 Valor Awards ceremony recognizes and honors first responders

By Keyuri Parab, posted Oct 19, 2021 on

The fourth annual 2021 Public Safety Valor Awards honored the community’s first responders on Oct. 19 at Manna Church.

The awards were hosted by the Greater Fayetteville Chamber and presented by ​​Highland Construction and Restoration and Manna Church to show community appreciation to first responders in the city, county and Fort Bragg.  

Sandy Ammons, Valor Awards chair, kick-started the event by welcoming the community and recipients.

“The individuals and agencies we are honoring today work tirelessly to protect and serve our community,” Ammons said. “The added challenges presented by the pandemic make them even more extraordinary. I am so grateful for their dedication, commitment and bravery. We are fortunate to be surrounded by these heroes.”

Greater Fayetteville Chamber CEO Shari Fiveash thanked the community and sponsors and expressed her gratitude to be working on her first Valor Awards ceremony in Fayetteville. 

“Fayetteville has a time-honored tradition of recognizing the acts of valor performed by the first responders in our community and surrounding area,” Fiveash said. “One of the most important things we can all do is to honor the service of those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

Angela Taylor, News Anchor for CBS 17, hosted the Valor Awards and announced the recipients. 

2021 Valor Awards Recipients 

A Valor Award is the community’s highest award for valor and heroism. Awarded in cases in which a public safety official knowingly places themselves at risk of death or extreme serious bodily harm in the performance of an official act. 

Officer Claudius Hosenbackez, Fayetteville Police Department  

Officer Stephanie Collins, Fayetteville Police Department 

Officer Nicolas S. Guilette, Fayetteville Police Department 

Paramedic Danibeth Garrett, Cumberland County EMS 

Lieutenant Vicki Michaud, Cumberland County EMS 

EMT Cody Mitchem, Cumberland County EMS 

Capt. William C. Autry, Fayetteville Fire Department 

Lt. Thomas Farrell, Fayetteville Fire Department 

Firefighter Logan E. Boyce, Fayetteville Fire Department 

Firefighter Andrew Bumgarner, Fayetteville Fire Department 

Firefighter Albert Lockamy, Fayetteville Fire Department 

Firefighter Leonel Munos, Fayetteville Fire Department 

Firefighter  Ray Revels, Fayetteville Fire Department 

Valor 2021 Hall of Fame

Awards of Merit 

Awards of Merit recognize outstanding public safety work which demonstrates initiative, ingenuity, and/or diligence in the performance of his/her duties. Ex: Creating a new program or process, solving a cold case, detective work over a long period of time on a major initiative, etc. 

People’s Choice Award

Future Valor Award 

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