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Optimal Bio for optimal health: Cary based optimal bio is continuing to grow and expand practice locations under the leadership of “She.E.O.” Tylar Brannon

By Eddie Velazquez, posted 2 weeks ago
Based in Cary, NC, Optimal Bio currently has four established locations
across North Carolina, including one in Southern Pines, NC. PHOTOS TAKEN BY SARAH MORREL PHOTOGRAPHY

Tylar Brannon, the chief executive officer of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) company Optimal Bio, wants her patients to be healthy.

At only 33 years old, Tylar has proven herself to be more than impressive in her time as CEO. Her business has become her passion, and she works to improve the quality of her company for employees and patients alike. PHOTO TAKEN BY SARAH MORREL PHOTOGRAPHY

Optimal Bio treatments specialize in replacing identical molecules that the body produces to be able to metabolize hormones. The dosage is tailored to the patient’s blood work and can help deal with struggles Brannon says people face daily.
“No matter if they're 25 or 65, male, female, people can suffer from fatigue, brain fog, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, and trouble concentrating,” Brannon said. “So really, these are symptoms that we see across the board that people may think are normal, because they're common, but they're not.”
The goal of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is to balance the body’s hormones, bringing them to the optimal levels your system was initially designed to maintain. Brannon shared that BHRT can also help with preventative care.
“As we age, our hormones decrease, but because of environmental factors, our hormones decrease at a much quicker rate these days,” she noted. 

“If our hormones are balanced, at an optimal range, they act as preventative care. This can protect people from dementia, from heart attacks and osteoporosis, and it helps clean out inflammation in our body, which is the root cause of many diseases.”
As a young woman CEO, Brannon has always focused on her preparation and education. The North Carolina native has a law degree and
a masters in business administration, both of which have prepared her for a life where she uses analytical critical thinking skills daily since even before becoming CEO of Optimal Bio in 2018.

“I believe the more education [you have] the more you are able to think critically, which is so important,” she said. “Even just say, going back to high school, we were taught to engage in public speaking, we wrote a thesis and had a panel who asked questions about our work. Education for me is really going back to fundamentally us thinking differently, thinking critically, asking questions, and being able to communicate. That has played a huge role in my career.”
Even back then, Brannon said she had already identified a passion for leadership. Brannon played soccer, performing game in and game out as a central midfielder -- a role that typically dictates the pace of play and the direction of attack.
“Soccer really was fundamental in creating my leadership abilities through challenges, structure, discipline and teamwork,” she said. “I really believe that sports help people create structure for themselves, especially in the business world.”

For Brannon, companies could learn a thing or two about the structure of a sports team.

“I believe if companies were run like sports teams, they would be very successful,” she said. “You have all people going for a common mission, working as a team. You have people from all walks of life chasing that fundamental, hard work, that discipline. You know you're gonna have challenges but that’s why you practice, right?” 

As a woman leading a company in the medical field, Brannon says she wants to relish the opportunities she has been given by not taking them for granted.
“I think you should always just learn from whoever you're in the room with and you should also be confident in your role,” she said. “You’re there for a reason and I think that is very key.” In terms of advice Brannon would give young women forging a path toward leadership in business, she said first they have to learn how to be a servant leader.
“If you are asking your team to do something, you also have to lead by example. That's the biggest thing to start with,” she said. “It’s all about hard work. You can't be a leader without hard work. You always have to keep learning.”

Leaders, Brannon added, are also always looking for their next learning opportunity.
“We’re the only company in the country that only specializes in hormones,” she said. “But we want to continue digging into the education component of this industry. We are actually creating a wellness program to inform people about the impact hormones have in people’s lives.”
As a company, Brannon shared that Optimal Bio is mission driven.
“Every person at Optimal Bio truly believes in what we do, which makes a huge impact. As a society, we're getting sicker. We think it's normal for people to have brain fog or not feel the best because others can feel like that sometimes too. But it is not fine. We want people to understand that you can feel good and make people think about preventative care,” she said.

Brannon’s vision for the company in the short term is to open 10 locations. So far, the company has eight clinics; four in North Carolina, two
in South Carolina, one in Virginia, and an upcoming location in Texas.
She also has her sights set on Florida and wants to expand into the area soon.

To learn more about Optimal Bio and their mission, you can go online to

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