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Health Care
Jul 15, 2022

Making a primary care appointment is easy, though overdue for many

Sponsored Content provided by Jessica M. P. Tucker - M.D., FAAFP, Cape Fear Valley Health Pavilion North Family Care

If it’s been a while since you saw a doctor for your annual check-up, now is the time to get back on track. Many patients let their annual visits slide during the pandemic, but it’s very safe and easy begin scheduling doctor’s visits and other screening appointments.


Making appointments with a Cape Fear Valley provider can now be done over the phone or online. New and returning patients can schedule appointments online through the “Find a Doctor” function on or through the MyChart app.


We all understand why some people were hesitant to visit their healthcare provider if they weren’t sick during the last few years, but the side effects from those delays are that many treatable conditions and diseases have been allowed to quietly progress unchecked, instead. Mammograms, colonoscopies, pap smears and other health screenings are used to catch serious diseases as soon as possible, before symptoms become apparent, to give patients the best chance of successfully fighting cancer. The basic annual exam, which checks for blood pressure issues, diabetes, cholesterol and more, can also catch many silent killers before they start to cause irreparable damage and change your life.


Many patients thought, “those things can wait,” in the face of all the news about COVID-19, and they were sometimes right, in 2019. But it’s now the year 2022, and these things shouldn’t wait any longer. Regular, periodic exams keep you healthy, and catch the warning signs of problems that you might not feel yet, but will make you very sick if left untreated. Regular visits can also ensure that immunizations are up to date and help you keep aware of you family history, which can change what doctors look for as patients age.


The good news is that we’re seeing an increase in patients coming back and working to get back to normal. If you or your loved one haven’t seen a doctor in over a year, reach out and talk to your doctor’s office today about making your family’s health a priority again.


For those patients who have experienced and recovered from COVID-19, it’s even more important to lead a healthy lifestyle and treat underlying conditions, which can be exacerbated after contracting COVID. We are still learning about the long-term effects from COVID, and patients who have struggled to fully recover should talk to their doctor about their needs.


Our goal is for all our patients to stay healthy so they can lead productive, fulfilling lives. One of the basic tools we use to do that is knowing our patients’ history through regular visits. When your blood pressure, cholesterol, or other numbers start to change, they are noticed by your primary care physician who knows your history.


I love helping my patients get and stay healthy, teaching them about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. These things are the key to dealing with many diseases that have no outward symptoms until it’s too late. But your doctor can’t talk to you about how to make these changes in your life if they don’t see you! Don’t put off your health any longer and make your next appointment today.


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