Soldier Fuel: The Steady Energy Line® hits the Fayetteville and Fort Liberty market; Aims to provide steady energy to the warfighter

By Thomas Manning, posted 7 months ago
With the tagline "Designed for top operators. And you," Soldier Fuel is available in the Fayetteville and Fort Liberty markets through the Healy Wholesale Co, Inc. - PHOTO PROVIDED BY SOLDIER FUEL

The newest addition to the unique, soldier focused industries found throughout the Fayetteville- Fort Liberty market, Soldier Fuel Performance Nutrition was created by business partners Christian D’Andrea and Aleco Bravo-Greenberg in their search to produce healthier, high-performing nutritional supplements for the military. D’Andrea and Bravo-Greenberg are originally filmmakers who specialize in documentaries about the military which stoked their passion for the area. 

“Every documentary we make, every project we engage in, you eventually come through [Fort Liberty], right? At some point, you cycle through Fayetteville,” D’Andrea said. “We’ve had people say, ‘Hey, Fayetteville is the center of the universe.’”
The duo initially partnered with the U.S. Army in research and development to conceive the Soldier Fuel Energy Bar. Since then, the team has continued their mission and released their Heavy Caliber™ coffee and their newest product, the Soldier Fuel Energy Drink, which debuted at the AUSA Warfighter Summit and Exposition in Fayetteville in July 2023.

“Soldier Fuel is a great energy drink that’s part of a suite of products that we make and will make because we’re passionate about military nutrition that empowers, enables, helps and heals war fighters,” shared D’Andrea.

The launch of the Soldier Fuel Energy Drink at the Warfighter Summit established Fayetteville as a significant aspect of Soldier Fuel’s identity moving forward.

“If you’ve got a brand called Soldier Fuel, you launch it in one of the world's great hubs for soldiers and that's Fayetteville,” D’Andrea said.
The duo came into contact with Robert Patton Jr., Executive Vice President of the Fayetteville Cumberland Economic Development Group, who facilitated their growth within the community. Soldier Fuel partnered with the distributor Healy Wholesale, which services Fayetteville and multiple surrounding counties.

“Simultaneously in Fayetteville, we have the base – what's going into the base, the installation – and the environs and those two things complement each other,” D’Andrea said. “And the environment then collectively gets excited about the brand, and it has a decidedly Fayetteville vibe to it.”

Regarding the nutritional benefits of Soldier Fuel Energy Drink, one 12-ounce can contains 200 percent of the daily value of four key B vitamins, including B5. D’Andrea shared about the importance of B5 as a means of synthesizing coenzyme A, which assists the body in processing carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

“So when it comes to actually burning the raw material that generates energy, vitamin Bs are critically important catalysts for that,” D’Andrea said.

He also pointed to Soldier Fuel’s combination of caffeine and taurine, which is said to enhance mental performance according to studies. The 116 milligrams of caffeine per serving is ideal for its potential cognitive benefits and taurine is an amino acid that increases oxygen uptake and delays muscle fatigue. All of these elements working together in a drink with no sugar provide the “Steady Energy” associated with Soldier Fuel, a phrase that they have trademarked.

Additionally, 15 percent of Soldier Fuel’s profits go to military-associated charities, such as the United Service Organizations and Army Emergency Relief. They have also launched an anti-suicide charity called Survivor Cadres. Another area in which Soldier Fuel backs charitable causes is the financial, technical and nutritional support of Veterans embarking on walks and runs of long distances to raise awareness for military issues. This is known as their Ground Fuel Team. D'Andrea and Bravo-Greenberg themselves are known to show up in many of these settings.

“We love it because we love what we’re doing,” Bravo-Greenberg said. “We love what the brand is doing and we love the brand. So, we want to interact with people one-on-one.”

They are also developing a sister product called Go-Pills, a cognitive enhancement derived from plants. Bravo-Greenberg describes these as “tactical supplements,” which are under the Military Nootropics group of products. Other elements in the Military Nootropics line will be designed to aid in neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to adapt and heal itself.

“We never make claims about miracle cures and we don’t believe that an energy drink or a pill will solve all of your problems,” D’Andrea said. “But we also believe that supplements can be extraordinarily beneficial as a supplement, as a complement to other things and you might as well use those.” He emphasized the importance of exercising the brain in other areas, such as math and literature, as well as participating in engaging conversations with others.

“One of the things we hope is that  Fayetteville looks at Soldier Fuel as, to a certain extent, its own,” D’Andrea said, continuing to highlight their passion for the Fayetteville area as a hub for Soldier Fuel’s launch. “We want Fayetteville to be proud.”

For more information on Soldier Fuel products, visit their website at


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