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Sep 30, 2021

Tips from Experienced DJ/Reception Coordinator Help Create an Enjoyable and Memorable Occasion

Sponsored Content provided by Mark Pezzella - Owner, Five Star Entertainment

If you want to reduce your stress level while savoring every moment of your wedding day, consider putting your reception in the hands of an experienced coordinator.

As you plan your big day, we’ve put some tips together on how the reception should flow based on our event experience. First, make sure you communicate your vision for your reception to your coordinator and let your bridal party and parents know who will be in charge of coordinating the schedule and interacting with the various vendors.

The Grand Entrance

Discuss your preferred music and the tone you want to set with your DJ. Soft instrumental music is the best choice for when guests are mingling and talking at the beginning of the reception. 

Decide who will be formally introduced by the DJ when they enter the reception. Typically, the DJ announces the full bridal party as they make a grand entrance, culminating with the introduction of the newly married couple. If you want to include the parents of the couple or junior members of the bridal party in the formal introductions, make sure that these individuals wait to enter the reception area until it is time for introductions, otherwise we recommend that they are acknowledged at their seats instead. 

The Meal

Soon after the arrival of the bridal party, the meal service will start. Many couples opt to start the meal with grace and often select someone in advance to do the honors. The coordinator will make sure the meal is ready and ask guests to take their seats before the selected person leads the group in saying grace. 

Making sure the meal service runs smoothly is another important service the reception coordinator provides. If the meal is buffet-style, the reception coordinator will release guest tables one by one to get their meals; extending clarity to who goes first and cuts down on the length of the line to help guests enjoy themselves.

The Cake
When it’s time to cut the cake, the DJ/coordinator will ensure the videographer and photographer are in place, then make an announcement so the well-wishers all turn their eyes to the cake table. After the couple has made their ceremonial cut, make sure to have someone lined up in advance to finish cutting the rest of the cake for guests’ consumption. 

The Toasts

After the meal comes the customary toasts to the newly married couple. The reception coordinator helps this important segment of the reception go off without a hitch by ensuring the champagne or other beverage has been poured, the mic is ready, and that the individuals giving the toasts, such as best man, maid of honor, and parents, have been alerted and are ready to perform their duties.

After these toasts, the coordinator can invite the married couple to address the guests to express their appreciation and love. Take a tip from the pros and don’t leave the mic open to allow open toasts from any guest, which can lead to awkward moments and interrupt the transition to the dancing portion of the reception.

The Dance Party

The “party” part of the reception is the time when the DJ/reception coordinator really shines. The coordinator ensures that all of the time-honored traditions you’ve looked forward to are a memorable part of your reception, including the couple’s first dance, the father/daughter and mother/son dances, and the “anniversary” and “money” dances, if you wish to include them. The coordinator also pulls together the bouquet and garter tosses at the appropriate time and makes the experience fun for everyone. Make sure the DJ has a clear line of sight to the entrance doors and the cake table to carry out the coordinator duties. 

Once it’s time for the dance party to be in full swing, the DJ/coordinator will read the crowd’s energy level and tastes to ensure a fun night!

If you choose Five Star Entertainment for your DJ service, you can also enjoy our optional reception coordination service at no additional charge. With extensive event experience, our DJs can take a hands-on role in overseeing your reception schedule, communicating with vendors, incorporating all of your personal touches, and rolling it all into one cohesive and memorable event.

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