City of Fayetteville seeks federal support for eco-friendly transit upgrades

By Staff Report, posted 1 month ago

The City of Fayetteville is actively pursuing federal funding to enhance its public transportation fleet through the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) competitive Low or No Emission Vehicle Program.                         

The Fayetteville City Council approved the Adoption of a Resolution of Support for an FTA Grant Application for Battery-Electric Buses on April 22 in anticipation of acquiring electric buses for the City. The City has identified a critical need to replace several transit buses that have surpassed their useful lifespan, both in years and mileage. 

The FTA recently announced a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for its 2024 Low or No Emission bus projects. This grant program supports transit systems seeking to replace and expand their fleets with zero-emission and low-emission transit buses. It also encompasses the acquisition, construction and leasing of essential support facilities, such as maintenance, refueling and recharging stations. 

In response to this opportunity, the Fayetteville City Council passed a resolution on April 23 supporting the city's application for this funding. The resolution underscores the City and Fayetteville Area System of Transit's commitment to updating its fleet in accordance with the Low or No Emission Grant Program's objectives. 

Mayor Mitch Colvin affirmed the council's decision, stating in a press release, "Our resolution reflects Fayetteville's dedication to sustainable development and our commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents through enhanced, eco-friendly public transportation." 

The resolution further commits the City to providing the necessary local matching funds to complete the project should the grant be awarded. 

This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure that Fayetteville remains a leader in sustainable urban development. 

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