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Saving history: The Tyson Sinclair Building, located in Downtown Carthage, is under new ownership who are working to preserve the historic staple

By Kate Griffin, posted 1 year ago
The Tyson Sinclair Building is now an economic anchor in the downtown area, serving as the home of 11 small businesses - Photo provided by Georgia Chriscoe

History enthusiasts and treasure hunters alike can find a not-so-hidden gem in downtown historic Carthage, the Tyson Sinclair Building. Picturesquely located on McReynolds Street by the roundabout, the Tyson Sinclair Building is currently owned by local veterans. The building serves a dual purpose as a home to multiple local businesses and a relic of history frozen in time. 

Hidden in the walls of this building are endless secrets and stories from eras gone past. The building is very old, with construction speculated to have started in the 1800s. The old-fashioned architecture offers a breath of fresh air in the era of minimalism and increasingly uninspired interior design. “I’ve heard people say it’s kind of like being in our own little Biltmore,” said Georgia Chriscoe, one of the owners of the Tyson Sinclair Building since March of 2022. A perfect escape from the ever-prevalent strip malls and housing developments, the Tyson Sinclair Building adds a vital, timeless charm that isn’t so easy to find anymore.

The mansion boasts four floors of beautiful preserved antique interior, including a small lookout area where one can see all the way to Pinehurst. 

“It is in our museum in Carthage, they had a party up there where they watched that comet that made the Raleigh papers,” said Chriscoe. “There’s just story after story after story you can tell about the mansion which is why we are trying to save it.”

The Tyson Sinclair Building is now an economic anchor in the downtown area, serving as the home of 11 small businesses. 

Aside from preserving the history of downtown Carthage, the Tyson Sinclair Building offers an invaluable resource as a brick-and-mortar location for small businesses. Between its beauty, story, and purpose, the Tyson Sinclair Building is an invaluable asset to historic downtown Carthage. 

From its grand staircases, 1940s tile floor, a plethora of fireplaces, and a beautiful ballroom, the mansion is worth a visit. The mansion is constructed with numerous hand painted features and each room bears intricate detailing that can only be found in older historic homes. 

“My favorite part of the building is all of the amazing arches and hidden things no one else has seen, and the history. I just can’t narrow it completely down, but when I’m there alone and there’s nobody else there in all of that massiveness, there’s nothing else quite like it,” said Chriscoe. “It’s different and unique, it’s just magical!”

With all old buildings come their quirks, and the Tyson Sinclair Building is no exception. Due to refurbishment needs, the building is only at a fraction of the capacity it’s capable of, currently housing 12 small businesses started by community members, with three new businesses coming in 2023. The owners of the building are working extremely hard to preserve the building and simultaneously, the soul of downtown. Chriscoe said they are passionate about and committed to their community and their town. 

“We’re just trying to keep historic downtown historical,” said Chriscoe. “We want to save this building to where it’s around a hundred more years and available to our community instead of sitting there stagnant.” Long-term goals include getting the building ready as an event venue after necessary refurbishment and renovations. 


Recent renovations include exterior and interior work to the front lobby including a fresh coat of paint to provide a welcoming atmosphere to guests. 

The story of the Tyson Sinclair Building is a long one. A more in-depth overview of the exact history can be found on the building’s Facebook page “The Tyson Sinclair.” The Tyson-Jones buggy factory grew exponentially in productivity and prominence. The buggy factory’s efficiency was revolutionary for its time, boasting great success over such a long span of time, and an alleged visit from Henry Ford. The Tyson family constructed a mansion in what is now downtown Carthage, and over time, the Sinclair family became in possession of the mansion house, resourcefully repurposing the mansion’s many rooms as showrooms for their family furniture company. The Tyson Sinclair Building makes for an interesting highlight of the downtown Carthage area. 


City Barbershop, Practical Posh and Skull Kraft Nails are a few locally owned businesses that have moved into the historic location. 

Despite lack of recognition from the public eye, the Tyson Sinclair Building remains as a monument of local history and economic progression, and a goldmine of untapped potential. An unsung hero of a Sunday drive and a charming hallmark of North Carolina’s former days, the Tyson Sinclair Building is a destination not to be missed. Swing on by and browse the local businesses and take some time to breathe in the eras of old and admire the character and charisma the Tyson Sinclair Building offers. Chriscoe said, “We don’t want our names, we want the Tyson Sinclair, and we want the community to know we’re doing this for them, we’re a group of owners who want to make this building wonderful and make it available to our community.”


Photos featured courtesy of The Tyson Sinclair Building. 

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