Protect, prevent, respond: TeamLogic IT of Eastern North Carolina continues to provide tech guidance for businesses throughout the region

By Eddie Velazquez, posted 3 months ago
TeamLogic IT’s Eastern North Carolina branch operates in Fayetteville, Raleigh,
Greenville and Wilmington, providing information technology (IT) infrastructure
management and cybersecurity consulting, to area businesses.

TeamLogic IT of Eastern North Carolina is growing and Jaron Cayton, the company’s vice president of client success, shared that he can’t wait to see where new innovations in cloud infrastructure and artificial technology will take the company next.

The company’s Eastern North Carolina branch, which operates in Fayetteville, Raleigh, Greenville and Wilmington, provides information technology (IT) infrastructure management and cybersecurity consulting to area businesses.

“We help businesses protect their assets, protect their data and protect their people,” Cayton said. “We ensure that they can operate in a way that is highly available, highly secure and easy to use.”
In Fayetteville, the company lives by the principles of nimbleness and responsiveness. Those principles are reflexive of what is needed to remain competitive in a fast-paced economy according to Cayton.

    Proactive IT — Provides flexibility and scalability through strategic evaluation and tactical planning.
    Preventative IT — Identifies potential problems before operations can be disrupted via remote monitoring.
    Responsive IT — Enlists the help of local, highly-skilled technicians who can respond remotely and on site.

As a large company and a nationally-recognized franchise, TeamLogic IT uses its network of technicians and deep market knowledge to assist local clients.

“Because of our franchise network, we’re able to lean on a deep bench of technical skill sets,” Cayton said. “We have got over 240 locations. We have over 500 to 1,000 technicians under our employment and so we’re able to get information across the team very easily.”
The company’s understanding of the market helps ensure customers are getting the best pricing for IT and digital network services, Cayton shared.

“Our corporate team helps us ensure that we get the latest and greatest from a research and development perspective,” he added.
Beyond that, the Eastern North Carolina Branch recently received a CompTIA managed services trustmark certification, a respected industry credential that reflects the company’s adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction. CompTIA is a non-profit association for the IT industry, in collaboration with industry experts and leaders, to identify businesses that have made a commitment to the highest levels of integrity and sustained quality service.

On the impact the local branch has had on the business communities of Fayetteville and its surrounding areas, Cayton said the company serves businesses of all sizes.
“Cybersecurity is not something that only enterprise type of businesses should be paying attention to,” he added. “Whether you’ve got 15 employees, 50 employees or 500 employees, we work with clients in those brackets and in between. The needs vary based on size.” 

Cayton added that companies’ needs often depend on their scale. 

“For a smaller company, we can do a standard set of tools for cybersecurity, a standard set of  management tools and can cover all the bases,” he said. “As companies grow, complexity grows and generally we’re working with an on-site development team to make sure that all areas of it are secured.”
Since the local branch of the company started in 2016, Cayton said the Eastern Carolina franchise quickly climbed the internal ladder.

“We crossed a million dollars in revenue a little over a couple of years after that, then crossed $2 million in revenue,” he said. “We felt like, within the franchise, we had become kind of a leader. Also within the community, we felt like we had become a lead from an IT expertise standpoint.”
The company’s success, Cayton said, is partly built on the deep partnerships TeamLogic IT holds with its clients. He added that the company sees its accounts as partners, rather than just clients.
“When we come on board with a new client, we’re given very sensitive information — passwords and logins and access to sensitive data,” Cayton said. “Those are things that we don’t take lightly. We recognize that is a big display of trust from the client to us.”

That partnership means TeamLogic IT is proactive and attentive to how their clients’ business operates.

“If something doesn’t go the way we expected it to, we can’t just say ‘well, we’re really sorry about that, but it’s not our fault because we’re just your vendor,’” Cayton said. “When you call TeamLogic, you’re calling a trusted advisor that you’ve chosen to work with. The expectation is, we tell customers we understand the issues and then we address them.”
Cayton said that sometimes translates into providing advice for the future.
“Those are conversations that you have with a partner, whether that's your tax planner, your attorney or in our case, your IT company,” he said. “You’re not having those conversations with vendors.”

As for the future, Cayton said he sees the business exploring leveraging more cloud solutions and ensuring greater security through new tools like artificial intelligence.
“We’ll be readying our clients for that new normal as things continue to grow and evolve,” he concluded.

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