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Economic Development
Jan 5, 2023

Cool Spring Downtown District Celebrates Fayetteville’s Growth and Looks Ahead to 2023

Sponsored Content provided by Bianca Shoneman - President & CEO, Cool Spring Downtown District, Inc

Established in 2017, The Cool Spring Downtown District (CSDD) is a nonprofit corporation formed to support downtown Fayetteville as a vibrant center of artistic, cultural, civic, and commercial activity. Proud to support Fayetteville’s growing arts and entertainment offerings, CSDD includes over 100 businesses, award-winning restaurants, and nationally renowned museums, all situated in a 0.55 square-mile district in the central core of the city. 

In the five years since CCSD formed, Fayetteville’s downtown district has welcomed approximately $335 million in public and private investments that have funded 870,000 square feet of new construction. These investments have brought a variety of attractions, businesses, and residences to the downtown core. In 2022 alone, 23 new street-level businesses opened in downtown Fayetteville, including the Hydration Station, an experiential retail experience.

Other recent investments in downtown Fayetteville include the new Woodpeckers stadium and expansion of the Capitol Encore Academy charter school, in addition to new residential complexes on Maxwell Street, Adams Street, and at the site of the former Prince Charles Hotel. Nightlife options also continue to grow. The District is excited about the upcoming opening of Hugger Mugger Brewing Company's new location in downtown Fayetteville.

To facilitate development of the downtown district, CSDD provides a variety of services, such as connecting entrepreneurs with property owners who have available space. Review our frequently updated list of available commercial properties on our website at CCSD also provides a variety of reports and resources about the benefits of investing in the downtown core that help entrepreneurs strengthen their pitches to potential investors.

In addition, CSDD joins with partners to advocate for new policies to support the growth of local businesses and enhance the downtown ambiance. For example, CSDD helped to establish the new “Social District” open container rule for pedestrians in downtown Fayetteville, allowing customers of our breweries and restaurants to walk down the sidewalk with their purchased beverages. During the pandemic, CSDD joined with its economic development partners to lobby for policies to help local businesses stay afloat, such as expansion of outdoor dining areas.

We also offer a microgrant program that helps local businesses improve their curb appeal with investments such as new signage and patio furniture.

Our city is poised for continued growth. One exciting development on the horizon is downtown Fayetteville is currently under consideration to host the region’s newest multiuse venue designed to attract over 100 performances and conferences annually.

If you are an investor or business owner who is interested in contributing to the vibrant downtown district, please contact the Cool Spring Downtown District office. We would be glad to assist you with resources to support your development plans.

We look forward to you being part of the exciting experiences found in downtown Fayetteville!

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