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Feb 20, 2023

Invest in an Easy Button for your Copier

Sponsored Content provided by Madison Howard - Marketing Team Leader, Systel Business Equipment

There are many variables involved in finding the right print management solution for your business- especially when it comes to reducing costs without cutting corners based on your particular needs. It might sound stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Invest in an “easy button” for your copier with PaperCut, a customizable print management solution that adds dollars to your bottom line and makes documents more secure with every press. Regardless of what printers you use or what operating system your users prefer, PaperCut delivers a print management solution that does all of the following, and MORE!

1. Management & Deployment

Managing your print environment is made easy with PaperCut. Its built-in, browser based administration access from any network location enables the centralized management of every user and printing device, including individualized print deployment ques determined by user permissions and locations. Print Deploy automates the time consuming and frustrating task of setting up print ques and deploying print drivers on computers in your network.

2. Limits, Controls & Reporting

Print policies allow you to track and control printing and copying behaviors per user, department, class, or client. PaperCut offers over 80 pre-defined reports so you can easily identify who is printing how much they are printing, and more. By implementing customizable restrictions, you can cut back on unnecessary waste that saves money and the environment.

3. Integrated Scanning & Faxing

PaperCut has one of the biggest collections of third party integrations around, making it as easy as possible to support your existing business structure with common faxing applications and digital scan-to services that provide a seamless and secure experience.

4. Find-Me Printing

Eliminate the hassle of installing and uninstalling print drivers. Find-Me Printing allows for simple, secure, and convenient printing from any device within your network. Just print to the shared Find-Me que, and safely release the job.

5. BYOD & Mobile Printing

PaperCut provides users and guests with a native print experience from their preferred device and operating system. No finding drivers, no joining domains, and no hassle whatsoever- just simple and secure printing.

6. Security

Avoid letting confidential information slip off of the print tray and into the wrong hands, and securely print from start to finish with end-to-end encryption, user authentication, secure release and more.

Finding the right print management solution for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Let Systel help make your printing habits, simple, secure, and EASY.


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