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Jan 10, 2024

The Benefits of Switching to a Digital Phone System for your Business

Sponsored Content provided by Madison Howard - Marketing Team Leader, Systel Business Equipment

Digital phone systems have become a game-changer for organizations in the current age of rapid technological developments. As of 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deregulated traditional copper phone lines, which has led to Managed Voice, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, emerging as a cost-effective alternative that offers numerous benefits to businesses that help boost productivity, facilitate operations, increase communication and much more. If you’re on the fence about making the switch to VoIP, here are a few key highlights that further prove why digital phone systems are the future of telecommunication:

Traditional Phone Lines vs. Managed Voice

Traditional phone lines often come with exorbitant line rental fees and per-minute charges which can be costly, especially for businesses with multiple lines. Managed Voice, on the other hand, refers to the technology that allows voice communication to be transmitted over the internet rather than traditional copper lines. It leverages the same Ethernet cable as your internet connection, promoting cost savings and enhanced functionality; since your business is more than likely already paying for an internet service provider, you can expect the transition to a digital phone system to result in cost savings that are up to four times cheaper than traditional phone lines and other associated expenses.

Improved Mobility and Adaptability for Every Work Environment 

In today's business landscape, the ability to work remotely and stay connected is becoming increasingly important. Digital phone systems enable employees to access their business phone lines from anywhere in the world through mobile applications. Business calls can be seamlessly transferred between devices, and multiple calls can be handled simultaneously, ensuring that important calls are never missed and eliminating the frustration of getting a busy signal. This mobility feature, along with video conferencing and even instant messaging capabilities between other Webex and/or Microsoft Teams users enables companies to offer flexible work arrangements, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and maintain uninterrupted communication with improved efficiency among clients and partners regardless of their preferred business environment.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions for All Business Sizes

Traditional phone systems are often limited in terms of scalability and flexibility, which makes adding or removing phone lines a tedious and costly process. With a digital phone system, however, new lines can be added or removed with just a few clicks, making it easy to scale your phone system as your business grows or downsizes. Additionally, digital phone systems are equipped with innovative features such as call forwarding, voicemail-to-email transcription, and mobile integration which allow teams to stay connected and accessible with the ability to collaborate at any time or any place.

Are you Ready to Make the Switch to a Digital Phone System?

Communication is key when it comes to running a successful business, and making the transition to a digital phone system is a sensible and cost-effective decision with long-term benefits. Reduced costs, increased scalability, enhanced flexibility, numerous advanced features and functionalities, reliability, along with the ability to work from anywhere makes digital phone systems an essential tool in today's business environment for future-proofing the overall communication infrastructure. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate how your business is currently communicating and consider the savings and features that you might be missing out on. Are you ready to make the switch to a digital phone system? Contact Systel at 800.849.5900 or visit to learn more about the benefits of Managed Voice and how it can transform your business communication for the better.

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