Volume 3 Issue 6: Aug 25, 2023


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Aug 31, 2023

Game on: Sol's Arcade + Taproom coming to Downtown Fayetteville

PHOTO PROVIDED BY CAMERON CARLOTTIOwner Cameron Carlotti (right) his partner Morghan (left) and the business’ namesake Sol, Carlotti’s first pitbull rescueDowntown Fayetteville will soon be home to a new mecca for social gatherings. Sol’s Arcade + Ta ...

Aug 31, 2023

ClawsByVee Nail Academy: Coming soon to Downtown Fayetteville, the new academy will be training up the next generation of beauty professionals

PHOTO PROVIDED BY GFBJVersace Granberry, local businessowner and founder of ClawsByVeeSpa.A new Black owned school of beauty will soon be open for business in Downtown Fayetteville.The ClawsByVee Nail Academy will be the newest addition to the area’s ...

Aug 31, 2023

GunBusters: Countrywide organization with new Fayetteville office seeks to partner with local law enforcement for safe firearm disposal

PHOTO PROVIDED BY GUNBUSTERSMack Gwinn of GunBusters Southeast and New England standing next to the Firearms Pulverizer used by the organization todispose of weapons.GunBusters, a countrywide organization headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, prov ...

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cape-fear-valley-medical-center meghan-dorman headshot

Meghan Dorman
Cape Fear Valley Medical Center

Cape Fear Valley Health's Tailored Care for Stroke Patients Helps Improve Outcomes

Posted May 14, 2024
During May, health educators work to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of having a stroke and the actions you can take to save lives. Fortunately for people in the regions, the Cape Fear Valley Health System provides high-quality emergency
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Aug 31, 2023

Learning lessons: Whether it's in the Navy or in a restaurant, there's much to learn while serving others

“Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve.” — MARTIN LUTHER KING Most people in the workforce today have had some experience in the food service industry. In fact, according to Restaurant Business Online, half ofall adults have worked ...

Aug 31, 2023

Serving up smiles: Getting to know some recognizable faces in the Fayetteville food scene

The Greater Fayetteville Business Journal got to know eight waitstaff members across four area restaurants.You’ve shared an evening with them, laughed over a drink with them and have seen them pretty regularly. The Greater Fayetteville Business Journ ...

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Full time family: Ross I.T. Services co-owner Kellie Ross finds balance between family and running a business

From right to left: The Ross family includes Ross I.T. Services Founder and Co-owner Sam Ross, the youngest in the family Caroline (7), Co-owner Kellie Ross and oldest daughter Hannah (14). Photo provided by Kellie Ross.For the past 18 years, Kellie

Not for profit, for people: CFVH Foundation Vice President shares about her experience navigating motherhood as a working professional

Brooks shared that her favorite part of the role that she has now is working with donors and helping them take their philanthropic investment in health care and see it put to use. Photo provided by CFVH.Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation Vice Preside

Publisher's note: Finding solutions

In May, the Greater Fayetteville Business Journal celebrated small business month and Mother’s Day! In an effort to further recognize both of these important events, we have assembled a few stories highlighting working mothers and “mom-owned” small b