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Finding learning solutions: Fayetteville learning expert Kathryn Cox shares her dedication to education serving as the new VP of learning solutions

By Kate Griffin, posted 2 weeks ago

It is a season of growth for Linchpin Solutions, Inc. as they welcome in their new Vice President of Learning Solutions, Kathryn Cox. Cox has been developing training and education programs for customers for over 30 years, building up her impressive list of related qualifications and experience including serving as an AP Instructor in North Carolina both virtually and in person, serving as Executive VP of Defense and Space Manufacturing
company ACLA, LLC and more before moving to her current position
at Linchpin Solutions, Inc. Linchpin Solutions Inc., is a leading provider of integrated product support services for defense and federal markets. Established in 2014, Linchpin Solutions Inc. is an SBA 8(a) Certified and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) firm that provides tactical C5ISR services and solutions for federal and commercial clients. Linchpin Solutions’ areas of expertise include integrated product support/logistics services, help desk solutions, training and curriculum development and professional services.

Cox has been with Linchpin Solutions for five months and specializes in distributed learning and training programs.
“When we are looking at new projects, whether it’s an e-learning project or a mobile application or a virtual reality (VR) design, people understand that I’m dedicated to the project,” said Cox. “And I am going to bring together a team that’s going to execute at the best level that we can.”
With so many different vendors to choose from, Cox is the person connecting all of them together and providing solutions, so customers get what they need. She also oversees a pipeline of multiple contract opportunities with customers.

“The art of possibility...What I mean by that is, my favorite part of the job is listening to the needs of a customer and helping them design the solution that is going to give them the best value for the budget they have and that might mean augmented reality (AR) or VR, it might mean a mobile application, but we want to take advantage of everything that’s available and come up with something that’s really going to make a change,” said Cox.


Although she grew up in Pensacola, Florida, through the military and eventually to prioritize connections to family, Cox relocated to Fayetteville. A paragon of reliability and a trusted member of the Fayetteville community, Cox works to make an impact outside of her position at Linchpin Solutions.
“[I have] felt really engaged in this community, with a lot of different organizations in this community so it’s become my home and I’m lucky enough that I’m able to work from here,” said Cox. “I was actually asked to join the Board of Directors for the Fayetteville Cumberland County Economic Development Corporation about five years ago and that’s what I call my ‘extracurricular.’ That’s where I give back to Fayetteville.”

Cox’s extensive background in teaching and her masters’ degrees impart a particular expertise in her specialization, ensuring that customers get the highest quality education programming for distributed learning.

“I work with other industries in Fayetteville and Cumberland County, with the community colleges, with Fayetteville State University and with Methodist University, to find opportunities to help our community grow by not only bringing business to Cumberland County, but also helping businesses in Cumberland County get the resources they need and providing jobs for people who live here,” shared Cox.
Ever cognizant of other people’s organizations, Cox values people first and partners up with individual contacts.
“I am currently looking for ways to expand where we can provide the most appropriate learning solutions for our customers so part of what I do is look for new opportunities,” said Cox. “But mainly what I’m doing is bringing together contacts to work on specific programs. I’ll reach out to collaborators at different companies who have specialized skills as a small business. Teaming up is very important to us, so it's very important to know people within the industry.”

Ever the teacher, Cox takes eminent gratification in assisting the youth of the business community.

“You know what’s my proudest accomplishment? Working with young people in the industry,” said Cox. “Helping them grow their careers and expanding that expertise outward and I know that’s kind of a crazy thing but mentoring young people, bringing them in, teaching them, helping them become better at their skill [or] job, better professionals—that’s probably what I find most rewarding.”

Cox always goes the extra mile to bring only the pinnacle of professional and effective work to customers through her position at Linchpin Solutions and beyond.

“Where I’m at today is an accumulation of the amount of experience that I bring, everything that I’ve done. Everything that you do is going to help you be better at the next thing you’re working on,” said Cox.
Above all, Cox emphasizes being thorough, and taking your time in education and life in general.

This much-needed approach is all too refreshing in a culture forcing celerity which often costs quality. It is no surprise that Cox’s out- look, combined with her unrivaled professionalism, work ethic and relative experience ensures only the highest standards of excellence in her work and for customers.
“Slow down, take it one step at a time. It’s a long game. Success takes time and perseverance,” said Cox. “Those fast winds, they don’t last that long. They take time, and you’ve got to allow it to build.”

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