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Apr 5, 2022

The benefits of using access control in your business

Sponsored Content provided by Luke Wheeler - Vice President, Holmes Security Systems

There are various options to ensure your employees, customers, and assets remain safe; implementing access control is just one of the options more businesses are considering these days.


Most are familiar with access control, even if they have not heard the term before. Access control is when an individual is issued a keycard or keyfob that they hold up to a panel to gain access through a door instead of a traditional key. You may have even seen this technology used in the membership arena; for example, there may be access control for the pool in an apartment complex or country club. Likewise, a 24/7 gym may have an access system for their members to gain entry at night. We have even seen medical facilities use access control for areas where records or other sensitive material are stored.


When you implement access control in your business, you are granting access and can quickly revoke and monitor that access with the latest technology. Some of the benefits include



All employees and visitors can be issued a unique card that allows you to see what doors have been accessed, at what time, and by whom. If you have issues with an employee showing up tardy, you have a record you can reference. If an incident occurs, you and/or your HR department can see who was in the area; when coupled with cameras, it can provide even more documentation that ensures your employees, customers, and assets remain safe.


Does your front door need to open or close at a different time than the employee entrance? You can program doors to unlock and lock when you want them to. Sometimes, an employee may be alone in the office in a small business; you can schedule the doors to be closed during that time. You may even consider helping them feel safer by coupling that access control system with a panic button.


Restrict confidential areas

Many companies have areas where they store confidential items such as personnel files that only specific individuals should access. Using a card-access system will allow you to determine which offices or storage areas are accessible and by whom.


Short-Term visitors

The security of your building does not have to be sacrificed to allow vendors, trainers, or other visitors short-term access. You can provide them with a temporary visitors card, and if they forget to turn it back in, you can have it turned off, so it no longer works.



If an emergency arises, you can secure all the doors with an access control system, preventing access or movement throughout the building.


Take control of your business's access with a system from Holmes.

Having an experienced and professional partner like Holmes Security Systems to install, manage and maintain your access control will give you peace of mind. We have extensive experience working with SMBs, colleges, large industrial buildings, and government organizations to engineer access control, video, and security solution. We use the latest technology and have learned a thing or two about the importance of providing a great customer experience in our 114 years in business in Eastern North Carolina - we invite you to learn more about why our customers say #TheresNoPlaceLikeHolmes

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